Brian receives a semi-uninvited guest.

Bonus Detweiler points!

SUBMISSION! a collaborative effort from @kolchak and @hollyberryness


This (as I say before we start in the video) is an original song called ‘Quite The Opposite’ written by myself, Billy Simmons. You can download this song and various other originals here. Hope you like it!

Hi! We are five self-taught guys from Italy with a strong passion for music, and togheter we form ParkAssist. This is one of our original songs, “Winter”.

You can find us at 

Timothy Rosenberg performing Johann Sebastian Bach’s Flute Partita in A minor - Allemande on Soprano Saxophone.


Brown Eyes (Lady Gaga Cover) - Ernest Campos

One of the tracks we are working on

Right Here by Creative One Music

Tumblr Talent Show 2011

Hey boys and girls – the day you’ve been waiting for has almost arrived! Monday, May 09 is the day we start accepting submissions for the 2011 Tumblr Talent Show!

The rules are simple – do the thing that you most enjoy doing, record the results, and then submit those results to TTS2011. It doesn’t matter what your talent may be – writing, singing, acting, dancing, juggling, milking goats, whatever. We just want to see you at your creative best.

Scholvin has already challenged the established artists to step outside their comfort zone this year. If you make your living writing stories, why not consider submitting a dance routine?

Collaboration is encouraged, if you’re into that kind of thing. Just make certain that everyone gets credited for their hard work.

Submissions accepted at . If you’d like to post your submission to your own Tumblr, then stop by the TTS2011 Ask Box and leave us a link. We’ll reblog you as quickly as we can.